Sunday, January 29, 2012

Now You Know Jack

Jack Guy started out as a top men's clothing model, appearing in ads for J. Crew, Victoria's Secret, Target, Marshall Field, Marlboro, Wrangler, and many others. As he aged, he seemed to become more of a fitness model, appearing in Men's Health frequently. But he is most famous now for his work on the other side of the camera; he became a top fashion and celebrity photographer. Chances are, you've seen his work, because he's photographed almost every major Hollywood star.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Putting on the Ritts (Stephen Provincetown)

Update: on his blog, Kevin McDermott was asked " the man in the photograph Stephen Ritts or Aiden Shaw? Or are they the same person?" to which McDermott answered, "Thank you, Max. No, this is a different Stephen." So this man is named Stephen but not Stephen Ritts.

Model Stephen, made Internet-famous by renowned photographers Kevin McDermott and Walter Kurtz.